Goodly Grimalkin

pub. 4-23-23 - 93 words

Hark! Mayhap I am but a Carl
Howbeit thy Beauty lets my Speech!
Thy Leman I wish to be
Ye goodly Grimalkin—
My Heart becometh Snowbrowth!
Forsooth I plain over my Loneliness
Hereupon I indulge in Potation
In the Morrow I shall feel crapulous
Without thine Attention
But ye fair, callipygian Maid
Erelong I shall be thy Mensch
Nowise I am a Nithing
Verily, only a faithful Compeer
Thou shalt recieve my Love and Pets
Hereat thou sayest Vale! to my Potation
And I sleep in Peace
Next to thy Meows and Purrs