Dot Dash Dot is released!

6-23-21 (updated 5-15-22)

My game Dot Dash Dot is released under my game development company Organic Games! Buy it here for $1.99 for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. That’s right, I’m a corporation now!

A good game utilizes an addicting, simple gameplay loop. A better game takes place in the ocean. But what ruins it all is involving Morse code; what kind of stupid game involves some esoteric radio language used by lonesome, probably deranged lighthouse operators and rather thick-witted secret op organizations? Well, I didn’t think of that question before developing this game, so you’ll just have to bare through the horridness if you play it. However, the rule: you can’t leave a negative review, because I warned you, and it’d hurt my feelings (and income). This is legally binding.

“You were the only applicant. You have been accepted. Please report to Locke Key by Monday.”

Take the role of a lighthouse operator, and use your spacebar to send Morse code messages to ships in the sea. Be quick and keep your boss satisfied, until his highly expensive cruise ship starts to sink! Can you save him and the passengers with your Morse code clicker?